Design Works

We are a turnkey Design manufacture and installation company

All our projects are a customised work of art, from CI to Installation.

Using Modern techniques

We use manufacturing techniques to best suit modern materials.

Aiming for Customer satisfaction

Most important of all, we aim to satify our clients and offer the highest service level possible.

What we do

We are a multifaceted turnkey design company with a wide range of activities including:

Corporate Interiors

High end look and feel, stylish yet funtional with high-wearing finishes. Spatial planning and furnature and electrical layouts are key.

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  • Retail Interiors

    Ergonomically detailed with major points of enguagment in mind. High-wearing only where necessary

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  • Residential Interiors

    The living machine, tailored to clients personality with a balace of functionality and warmth in mind.

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  • Exhibition Stands

    Modular solutions for mobile promotions and sales.

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  • Product Display Stands

    Instore activation with integrated information technology.

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  • Architectural Drafting

    High quality plans from furnature to electrical layouts, for manufacture and council approval.

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  • Manufacture

    We manufacturing using a wide variety of processes and materials. Ranging from natural to synthetic wood and including Steel fabrication, using industry leading techniques.

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  • Installation

    The utmost care is taken in transport, installation and finishing of our products. Modularizing display units etc along with efficient mounting design, we are able to ensure a quick fitting turn-around time.

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  • Project Management

    On-site co-oridination of installations based on desing spec and planning.

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  • Corporate Identity

    Create your brands personality, dialing in specifics ensures positive consumer experience.

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  • Web Design

    Boost your product through on-line sales while speaking same design language throughout.

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  • App Development

    Take your brand one step further using our app dev services, putting sales in customer pockets.

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